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Cardfight! Vanguard - Trial Starter Deck - Descendants of the Marine Emperor Vol.7


Each deck contains : 

50 cards
- Quick Manual (how to play)
- Playbook (rules & FAQ's)
- Playmat

All the primary items you need to play the game. You can also mix the cards with ones that you get from the boosters in order to play the game.

Deck list:
◾1pc TD07/001EN Navalgazer Dragon
◾2pc TD07/002EN Marine General of the Full Tides, Xenophon
◾4pc TD07/003EN Key Anchor, Dabid
◾4pc TD07/004EN Tear Knight, Lazarus
◾1pc TD07/005EN Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos
◾2pc TD07/006EN Coral Assault
◾4pc TD07/007EN Titan of the Infinite Trench
◾4pc TD07/008EN Tear Knight, Theo
◾4pc TD07/009EN Tear Knight, Cyprus
◾2pc TD07/010EN Accelerated Command
◾1pc TD07/011EN Splash Assault
◾2pc TD07/012EN Battle Siren, Cynthia
◾2pc TD07/013EN Battle Siren, Dorothea
◾1pc TD07/014EN Officer Cadet of the First Battle
◾4pc TD07/015EN Battleship Intelligence
◾4pc TD07/016EN Pyroxene Communications Sea Otter Soldier
◾4pc TD07/017EN Dolphin Soldier of High Speed Raids
◾4pc TD07/018EN Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir






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