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Cardfight! Vanguard - Trial Starter Deck - Golden Mechanical Soldier Vol.3.


Each deck contains :
50 cards
- Quick Manual (how to play)
- Playbook (rules & FAQ's)
- Playmat

All the primary items you need to play the game. You can also mix the cards with ones that you get from the boosters in order to play the game.

Deck list:
◾1pc TD03/001EN Gold Rutile
◾2pc TD03/002EN Death Metal Droid
◾4pc TD03/003EN Mr. Invincible
◾4pc TD03/004EN King of Sword
◾2pc TD03/005EN Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm
◾4pc TD03/006EN NGM Prototype
◾4pc TD03/007EN Tough Boy
◾4pc TD03/008EN Oasis Girl
◾4pc TD03/009EN Screamin’ and Dancin’ Announcer, Shout
◾3pc TD03/010EN Queen of Heart
◾2pc TD03/011EN Battering Minotaur
◾4pc TD03/012EN Shining Lady
◾4pc TD03/013EN Cannon Ball
◾4pc TD03/014EN Ring Girl, Clara
◾4pc TD03/015EN Battleraizer

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