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2014/15 Panini Excalibur Premium Hobby Box

$89.95 $175.00

4 packs per box, 15 cards per pack.

GOOD VALUE BUY! Originally exclusive release via Target in USA @ $129.99 (USD) per box!
- 3 Autographs/Memorabilia Cards (#`d to 149 or less) Per Box!
- Look for favorite insert sets such as Crusades and Kaboom!
- Extremely Limited Release!

Parallel sets: Knights Templar, Blue, Orange, Silver (#`d to 49), Gold (#`d to 10), and 1-of-1 Black.

Inserts: Kaboom! Knights of the Round Die-Cut, Crusade Camouflage 3:box (parallels > #`d to 149 or less), Red/White/Blue Jersey (Prime parallel > #`d to 25 or less), Dunk Company Jersey (Prime parallel > #`d to 25), Fresh Faces Die-Cut Jersey (Prime parallel > #`d to 25), Ringing Endorsements Jersey (Prime parallel > #`d to 25), Juggernauts (parallels > #`d to 99 or less), Knight Court (parallels > #`d to 99 or less), Nobility (parallels > #`d to 99 or less), Rookie Rampage Autograph Memorabilia (Prime parallel > #`d to 25, Jumbo, Prime parallel > #`d to 25), Royalty Jersey (Prime parallel > #`d to 25), Top Flight Jersey (Prime parallel > #`d to 25), Slam Inc. (parallels > #`d to 99 or less), and Sultans of Springfield Jersey (#`d to 49 or less, Prime parallel > #`d to 5).

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE content: Majestic Marks Signatures, Quest Signatures, High Praise Signatures, and Rookie Rampage Dual Autograph Memorabilia (Prime parallel > #`d to 25).

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