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MTG Magic The Gathering Dragon's Maze Booster Box

$149.95 $179.95

36 packs per box, 15 cards per pack.

  Ten Guilds, One Destination!

A massive puzzle spans the city-world of Ravnica, and all ten guilds race to be the first to crack the mystery. Rumors abound that whoever navigates the maze of clues could command world-shaking power. Will your guild take the prize?

Booster packs for Dragon's Maze do not contain basic lands. Instead each booster contains either a Guild Gate, a Shock land, or a mythic rare land from Dragon's Maze in the appropriate ratio of their rarities. The Shock lands have the appropriate expansion symbols of Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash, but the Gates are part of Dragon's Maze and have a Dragon's Maze expansion symbol making them part of the set and thus marking the first time cards other than basic lands are printed multiple times within the same block. Dragon's Maze will feature at least one planeswalker. 





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