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Cardfight! Vanguard - Trial Starter Deck - Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms Vol.4

$14.95 $19.95

Each deck contains :
50 cards
- Quick Manual (how to play)
- Playbook (rules & FAQ's)
- Playmat

All the primary items you need to play the game. You can also mix the cards with ones that you get from the boosters in order to play the game.

Deck list:
◾4pc TD04/001EN Oracle Guardian, Apollon
◾1pc TD04/002EN Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya
◾2pc TD04/003EN Meteor Break Wizard
◾4pc TD04/004EN Oracle Guardian, Wiseman
◾4pc TD04/005EN Security Guardian
◾2pc TD04/006EN Sword Dancer Angel
◾4pc TD04/007EN Oracle Guardian, Gemini
◾4pc TD04/008EN Dark Cat
◾4pc TD04/009EN Weather Girl, Milk
◾2pc TD04/010EN Battle Sister, Maple
◾3pc TD04/011EN Luck Bird
◾4pc TD04/012EN Oracle Guardian, Nike
◾4pc TD04/013EN Dream Eater
◾4pc TD04/014EN Victory Maker
◾4pc TD04/015EN Lozenge Magus



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