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24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack.

Best of the Best is an incredible new trading card collection from Topps featuring premium supersize cards of the top UEFA Champions League players.

There are 190 cards to collect, a Mega Collector Tin containing 5 exlcusive Gamebreakers cards and a multipack with a giant Master Class card. Look out for Premium Mirror Foil and Rainbow Foil cards plus 1,000 Autograph cards from 10 different players found inside lucky packets.

BEST OF THE BEST cards highlight the high-performance levels that players deliver on a game-by-game basis and bring fans closer to the action than ever!

BEST OF THE BEST will appeal to football fans of all ages and it is carefully designed to reach a new wave of collectors who are looking to graduate from mass market trading cards to sophisticated hobby-style collectables.

2021 Topps UEFA Champions League Best of the Best Soccer Jumbo Box

AU$100.00 Regular Price
AU$72.00Sale Price
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