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20 packs per box, 4 cards per pack.

Look for 1 autograph and 20 inserts/parallels per box on average.

The highly popular Donruss Optic returns and delivers a 250-card base set, consisting of 200 Base and 50 Rated Rookies! Find Hobby-Exclusive autograph sets, parallels, and insert sets. Each Hobby box contains 1 autograph per box. Look for on-card autographs of rookies in Rated Rookies Signatures!

Chase after Base and Rated Rookies Hobby-Exclusive parallels such as Photon, Basketball, Orange (#’d/199), Lime Green (#’d/149), Red (#’d/99), Pink Velocity (#’d/79), Blue (#’d/49), Black Velocity (#’d/39), Gold (#’d/10), Green (#’d/5) and one of one Gold Vinyl! Collect Hobby-Exclusive parallels in the following Insert sets: Elite Dominators, All-Stars, The Rookies, Lights Out, Star Gazing, and Raining 3’s.

Find the popular Rated Rookie Signatures in Holo, Blue (#’d/49), Black Pandora (#’d/25), Gold (#’d/10), Green(#’d/5), and Gold Vinyl(One-of-One) Hobby-Exclusive parallels! Look for an array of Hobby-Exclusive colorful parallels including the short-printed Photon parallel! Collect a full lineup of inserts in the following sets: Elite Dominators, All- Stars, The Rookies, Lights Out, Star Gazing, and Raining 3’s.

Scheduled release 10 May 2023.

2022-23 NBA Panini DONRUSS OPTIC Basketball Hobby Box

AU$750.00 Regular Price
AU$595.00Sale Price
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