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36 packs per box, 9 cards per pack.

Footy Stars, Select's traditional first series of the season, targets collectors of all ages.

Featuring many of the insert series which collectors of all ages know and love - Milestone cards (97 cards), the Brownlow Predictor (90), the Premiership Predictor (18 ) and Coleman Predictor (18 ) all return.

AFL Classified and Numbers return for a second year with AFL Classified now an acetate series and Numbers returns with new players as a metallic gold insert series.

2023 Footy Stars features new insert series - AFL Mascots (126), Essential (90) and Rising Star Predictor (18 ).

The Iconic cards (70) are introduced to add something more for the seasoned collectors.

This year Select also introduces Instant Win cards where the holder of the card wins a prize with 1500 prizes to be won.

2023 AFL Select Footy Stars Box

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