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10 packs per box, 15 cards per pack.

(1) Autographed Cards
(5) Silver Parallels
(15) Mosaic Parallels
(20) Inserts

Mosaic makes its international soccer debut with the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament and showcases a unique lineup of parallels and inserts!

(1) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
Find autographs from the some of the game’s best players, past and present, in two inserts – Autographs Mosaic and Scripts Mosaic! Also search for Gold (#’d/10) and Black (#’d/1) parallels!

Look for a plethora of exciting parallels to the 200-card base set, including Mosaic introduces a stunning base set with numerous eye-catching parallels to collect! Find Mosaic Red, Mosaic Blue, Mosaic Purple, Mosaic Pink, Mosaic Gold and Mosaic Black EXCLUSIVELY in Hobby boxes! – #’d from 99 to 1!

(20) Inserts in Every Box!
Look for three additional inserts to chase – International Men of Mastery, Pitch Masters and Montage – each with HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Mosaic White, Mosaic Gold and Mosaic Black parallels!

2020-21 Panini EURO 2020 MOSAIC Soccer Hobby Box

AU$400.00 Regular Price
AU$220.00Sale Price
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