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3 packs per box, 5 cards per pack.

Look for 3 autographs (including 1 rookie premier materials autograph), 2 memorabilia cards, 1 insert, and 2 parallels per box on average. Find 1 Kaboom and 1 Glass per case on average.


Chase a 200-card set of all the hottest rookies, legends and stars of the NFL which features 100 Base and 100 Rookies.

Hunt for stunning inserts, which include Rookies and current NFL stars with Introductions, By Storm, Draft Diamonds, Star Gazing and Last Call!

Returning in 2022, hunt for the SSP Absolute Glass, using etched glass, these beautiful cards will feature the best rookies and vets in the league. Exclusive to the Hobby Box find 1 Rookie Premier Materials Autograph per box.


Keep a eye out for Autograph parallels as well! Chase all the biggest names from the 2022 NFL Draft with a 100-card Rookie set! Look also for Autograph Parallels.


Only found in Hobby Boxes look for Rookie Premiere Materials Autos, which include multiple swatches from different types of memorabilia, with an autograph. Look also for Rookies Premiere Materials Auto Quad and Five featuring even more materials.


Find auto parallels of the wildly popular Tools of the Trade Materials Double and Triple exclusively in Hobby Boxes. Hunt for iconic dual autographs from some of the greatest teammates to ever play in Historical Duals.


Look for the ultra-popular short-printed Kaboom insert featuring the best and brightest stars of the NFL. Look for Hobby exclusive Green and Gold Parallels! Back in 2022, the glorious return of Glass, featuring beautiful etched glass, the SSP card will be a chase for all collectors! Exploding onto the scene, chase the SSP Explosive Gold and Green Parallels in Hobby Boxes only.

2022 NFL Panini ABSOLUTE Football Hobby Box

AU$1,100.00 Regular Price
AU$850.00Sale Price
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