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10 packs per box, 5 cards per pack.

Look for 1 Freshman Fabrics Signature, 1 additional autograph, 2 memorabilia cards, 3 numbered parallels, 10 inserts, and 2 rookie or rookie parallels per box on average.

A cornerstone of the Hobby, Certified Football returns with both classic and brand new short print inserts for the 2022 season!

Chase Rookie Patch Autographs from the top rookies from the deep 2022 NFL Draft Class with Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures, which feature jumbo swatches and a classic design! 
Be on the lookout for brand new short print inserts in 2022 Certified with The Mighty, Certified Stunners and Radical Rookies! 
Chase unique memorabilia in Piece of the Game and Pieces of the Game Signatures, which feature oversized patches and unique die-cut swatch windows!
Find one Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures or Piece of the Game Signature, in every box!

BASE: Collect this 100-card base set that features the top stars that the NFL has to offer!

ROOKIES: Hunt for a 100-card rookie set that features the top draft picks from the loaded 2022 rookie class!

FRESHMAN FABRIC MIRROR SIGNATURES: Find one Freshman Fabric Mirror Signature or Piece of the Game Signature, in every box, on average that features team logos, nameplates and one -of-one NFL shield swatches from your 2022 top rookies!

PIECE OF THE GAME SIGNATURES: Returning in 2022, Piece of the Game offers collectors a chance to get their hands on some unique memorabilia such as footballs, gloves and jerseys from some of the biggest names that football has to offer in this unique auto set!

CANTON CERTIFIED SIGNATURES: Back by popular demand, Canton Certified Signatures gives collectors a chance to get their hands on NFL royalty with a checklist made up of Hall of Fame players! New in 2022, be on the lookout for their micro-etched parallels!

MIRROR SIGNATURES: With a deep 100-card checklist, this autograph set will have a player to collect for everyone!

2022: A popular insert within the Certified brand, 2022 returns to showcase the top stars from this year’s loaded freshman class!

THE MIGHTY: A brand new SP brought into Certified Football, hunt down some of the NFL’s top stars in The Mighty!

CERTIFIED STUNNERS: Another new SP added into the mix for 2022, be on the lookout for Certified Stunners, featuring the flashiest ballers across the league!

2022 NFL Panini CERTIFIED Football Hobby Box

AU$800.00 Regular Price
AU$595.00Sale Price
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