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8 packs per box, 5 cards per pack.

Look for 4 inserts and 8 parallels per box on average.

Revolution makes its WWE debut offering collectors a wide variety of autographs, parallels, and inserts to chase!

Chase after randomly inserted autographs from the top Superstars and Legends across all brands! 

Look for stunning inserts like Vortex, Supernova and more!

Chase the ultra-rare Galactic parallels!

Chase after some of the top superstars and legends in a variety of parallels. Look for Legends and Tag Team subsets! Find unique insert sets including Vortex, Supernova and Liftoff!

Chase after randomly inserted autographs with parallels including Sunburst (#’d/99), Lava (#’d/10) and Kaleido (One of One)!

2022 WWE Panini Revolution Wrestling Hobby Box

AU$160.00 Regular Price
AU$110.00Sale Price
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