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  • 1 pack per box
  • 8 cards per pack

Look for 5 or 6 autographs and 2 or 3 base or parallel cards per box on average!

The juggernaut that is Impeccable Football returns for 2023 boasting the brand’s trademark Elegance Helmet & Patch Auto RC or Rookie Patch Auto RC (one per box, on average) and some absolutely stunning autograph and autograph memorabilia content.

Find 1 Silver or Gold Card per case on average!
Look for calling-card on-card autograph sets such as Elegance Veteran Patch Autographs, Extravagance Patch Autographs, Impeccable Jersey Number Autographs, Immortal Ink and more.

Chase two-, three- and four-autograph cards in the Inkpeccable Duos, Trios and Quads inserts.
Hunt for Impeccable’s Silver and Gold piece cards in NFL, Hall of Fame, Pro Bowl and USA Flag versions falling one per case, on average.

Impeccable is known for its spectacular Elegance lineup that features some of the season’s most desirable autographed memorabilia cards of top rookies, retired greats and veteran stars.

The one-per-case Silver or Gold Metal Cards have become calling cards of sorts for the Impeccable brand and they triumphantly return in 2023 with rookies, stars and Hall of Famers and random autographs.
This year as always, Impeccable boasts a STACKED autograph checklist featuring the game’s biggest superstars, greatest legends and hottest rookies.

2023 Panini Impeccable Football Hobby Box

AU$2,000.00 Regular Price
AU$1,895.00Sale Price
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