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2023 AFL Select Legacy Hobby

Legacy 2023 is Select's second release of the Legacy product. The original Legacy was released in 2018.

Legacy 2023 features a number of the popular inserts from the original Legacy release and also introduces a range of exciting new insert sets.

A highlight of Legacy 2023 is the return of the 3 levels of Draft Pick Signatures - Copper, Gold and Platinum numbered to 175, 90 and 40 respectively which were extremely popular in Optimum 2021 and Optimum 2022.

The series also sees the return of Team Leaders, Prime Draft, All Australian Team, Hall of Fame Legends, Medal Winners and the continuation of the Captain Signature Series. The Hall of Fame Legends Signature returns and features none other than Kevin Sheedy.

This year there is an All Australian Team and 22 Under 22 Team insert sets. Each of these series are available every 48 packs and limited to 195 cards only.

This series introduces Cornerstones, Vortex and the Legacy insert sets.

Cornerstones features 6 of the most important players from each of the AFL teams and are numbered to 85. The Vortex series features 9 star players from each team and the cards are individually numbered to 60 only.

The Legacy series features 18 current players who have already left a legacy with their respective clubs. The Legacy cards are individually numbered to 35 only.

Generation Next makes a welcome return and features a triple autograph of the Daicos family - Nick, Josh and Peter. There are only 100 of these triple autograph cards available.

Only 700 cases / 8,400 boxes have been produced.

Scheduled arrival late September 2023. Just Cards will have limited stock, boxes will be available exclusively in shop upon release.

LIMIT 1 BOX per person, per day - while stocks last!

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